Large and modern warehouse space

Warehouse services
- storing goods
and packaging

During receipt and issuing of goods there is a simultaneous quality and quantity control as well as checks on other parameters ordered by our clients. We have warehouse centres in convenient locations:

Warehouse for rent in Macierzysz (Mazowieckie region)

A warehouse near the Konotopa junction and the S8 expressway. We have a large and modern warehouse surface: 10,000 pallet places in a high storage system over an area of 5,000 m2.

Warehouse for rent in Ożarów Mazowiecki (near Warsaw)

Located in Ołtarzew at the junction of ul. Ceramiczna (road no. 718) and ul. Poznańska (road no. 92). Area 13,100 m2, independent cold storage 400 m2. The warehouse is additionally equipped with air conditioning of the entire storage and office areas.

Warehouse With Staff

Product Packaging

We provide product packaging services, including packaging of liquids. These cover all the actions taking place when our other services are being carried out. These include

  • affixing samples, promotional gifts,
  • gluing and folding leaflets,
  • heat sealing packaging,
  • product packing (commercial),
  • repacking products.

Additional services include:

  • foil wrapping products (including non-standard sales units) – the foil used by Trans-Tok improves the aesthetic appearance of products and provides excellent protection against damage,
  • labelling products (including labelling food) – the labels placed on packaging provide a source of information concerning the product, such as (the validity date or manufacturer’s details),
  • preparing promotional sets – this service involves compiling products by packing them as sets intended to increase sales and connect the customer to the brand,
  • integrating IT systems,
  • managing returns,
  • cross-docking – goods delivered to the Trans-Tok warehouse are immediately reloaded, without being stored, and sent on to the next client or customer.

Warehouse for rent - Warsaw at your fingertips

If a warehouse needs to be rented, then Warsaw, or rather its environs, are the perfect location due to its relatively central location. Thanks to its location by the major express roads along which international routes also run, this warehouse is certainly handy. Trans-Tok offers warehouse facilities for rent at the West Park site in Ożarów Mazowiecki.

  • From 50 to 500m2 of warehouse space of A+ standard, of which around 2,500m2 is in an area of containers measuring from 60 to 400m2,
  • Heated and air-conditioned space,
  • The container is 10m high,
  • Each container is connected with the warehouse,
  • Some of the containers have O-ramps,
  • The 400m2 cold storage is connected with the warehouse part,
  • Large forecourt,
  • Monitoring, security and supervised entrance.

The very site of the warehouse is a vital matter in itself, as it is very beneficial in logistic terms, because:

  • It is 2.7 km (3 minutes) away from the A2 motorway linking Warsaw with Berlin,
  • The Konotopa junction (Warsaw bypass) is 7 km (6 minutes) away.

Short- and long-term rental is possible for a net price of 17zł/m2. For long-term rental, the price is established on an individual basis depending on the size of the area rented and the rental period. If you’re interested in renting warehouse space, Warsaw and its environs such as Ożarów Mazowiecki are the right way to go.

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