Comprehensive service for online stores as part of contract logistics

Managing an online shop involves a large number of very specific processes. Servicing and cataloguing orders, packing and sending parcels, and, when necessary, receiving returned goods – these are only the tip of the iceberg if an online shop is intended for selling and a given company is actually responsible for producing the items included in its range. Even if it merely an intermediary, however, then monitoring inventory and dealing with everyday matters are important tasks to be tackled on a daily basis. For this reason, many entrepreneurs decide to outsource some of these processes to external operators. These could be storage or transport matters, or those concerning packaging products and dealing with products being returned. Comprehensive servicing of online shops under contract logistics basically consists of the entire warehousing and transportation process being entrusted to an external company.

Servicing online shops

The operations offered by Trans-Tok to our clients focus on the three areas which make up warehouse services for online shops. These are:

Warehouse servicing, which means not only taking care of goods already delivered and stocked, but also collecting and properly cataloguing them:

  • storage of products destined for sale by the online shop,
  • receiving deliveries of products for the online shop,
  • warehousing system supporting and controlling the actions and operations of the warehouse,

Servicing shipments, in other words taking full care of the process connected with shipping products, from completing orders to taking care of the full documentation and sending the shipment to the consumer:

  • picking,
  • packing, printing a shipping document, generating and attaching a receipt or invoice to the shipment,
  • dedicated courier.

Servicing returns, i.e. dealing with the whole question of products being returned by consumers:

  • receipt of returns from the courier,
  • verifying and monitoring returns, restocking the warehouse with the products returned,
  • individual return process agreed with the client.

Warehouse for e-commerce

When running an online shop, you can decide to have your own warehouse, but there are benefits to renting a particular number of pallet spaces. Trans-Tok stores goods entrusted by clients in 20,000 m2 of warehouse space of the highest possible A+ standard, of which 500 m2 is adapted for use as cold storage. This means that but foodstuffs and industrial goods can be stored, as well as hazardous items (ADR, including alcohol). There is more to warehousing than simply storing goods. Trans-Tok is also responsible for product packaging, in other words:

  • affixing samples, promotional gifts,
  • gluing and folding leaflets,
  • heat sealing packaging,
  • product packing (commercial),
  • repacking products.

The offer also includes various additional services:

  • foil wrapping products (including non-standard sales units),
  • labelling products (including labelling food),
  • preparing promotional sets – this service involves compiling products and packing them as sets intended to increase sales and connect the customer to the brand,
  • cross-docking.

Servicing online shops - Warsaw is a good warehouse location

The warehouse centres are located near Warsaw, which is an additional advantage because:

  • Due to the warehouses’ vicinity to the capital, the delivery time to Polish towns of an analogous distance away will be similar.
  • The direct vicinity of the main transportation hubs guarantees the largest possible number of routes to a destination.
  • Dispatch routes can be organised as rings (to destinations around a certain point, e.g. around Warsaw itself) or radially (from point A to point B), which allows optimal organisation of a route composed of several stopping points.

Trans-Tok’s professional warehouse servicing means not only a higher standard of warehouse surface, but also a specialised workforce and WMS IT system enabling electronic identification of the goods, real-time online monitoring of their state, production and validity dates, as well as reservation in the individual batch numbers. The WMS also enables online access to the record of proof of issue and proof of delivery documents The warehouses are situated in:

  • Macierzysz – near the Konotopa junction and the S8 expressway. Warehouse surface: 10,000 pallet places in a high storage system over an area of 5,000 m2.
  • Ożarów Mazowiecki – by roads no. 718 and no. 92. Warehouse surface: 13,100 m2, independent cold storage 400 m2. In addition, the entire storage and office areas of the warehouse are equipped with air conditioning.

Logistic support for online shops

The all-round servicing of online shops covered by contract logistics is, however, more than just a matter of warehousing, it also includes transport and shipping. Trans-Tok has been operating in this branch since 1985, consistently supplying clients with high quality services and a variety of opportunities. One of these is fulfilment, a service covering not only warehouse activity, but also transport of shipments to points all round Poland. The company also has its own fleet of vehicles and collaborates with experienced carriers, which means it can guarantee the safe and timely transport of various types of food and industrial products, and dangerous items (ADR) including alcohol. This also applies to the possibilities to store such a load.

Servicing Online Shops - warehouse, transport and dispatch

Trans-Tok guarantees the high quality of the services it provides, professional operation, optimally located warehouse centres and a specialised vehicle fleet. Our contract logistics work covers 120 regular clients, which adds up to over 600 jobs each day, with 700 tonnes transported all round the country. Trans-Tok’s experience and consistent implementation of new solutions are what enables it to maintain its competitive market position and meet the expectations of clients from all over Poland.

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